I just feel like talking about some of the things I see going on– including the rainbow. Here in America, we’ve been using abortion as a form of birth control for decades. It’s a touchy topic, and I know at times a mother’s life may be at risk but I’m talking about killing our unborn. Over one million babies every year are aborted in the United States–a million little people all unique.

A rainbow goes up over the White House in the United States and the Christians are appalled, more so then when the Commandments of The Bible were removed from the eyes of our youth. More so then when prayer was removed. I have many friends and family who are gay and who deal with it daily. When I say deal with it, I don’t mean as in hating Christians, flaunting their rights and so forth, I mean they struggle and some of them have even contemplated suicide because they don’t want to sin against G-d. Many of them were raped and molested. One husband used to bring his friends home to sleep with his wife while he watched. One night he decided to bring a woman home to watch and she ended up falling in love with her and leaving him.

I have searched the word of HaShem for a way out for these born feeling different about their sexuality. I searched just like you and I have many times when we wanted an excuse for our own sins. There are many sexual sins in the Bible. Many Christians scream yes, but homosexuality is an abomination. So is pride.

So is a whole list of sins.
When two men or two women get together they cannot produce life. This is important because replenishing the earth was His command. He said be fruitful and multiply. Today our seeds don’t even reproduce–they are genetically modified. No Life. ISIS slaughters children and men and women, but so do we in America through abortion, only its behind the walls of a sanitary hospital room.

I ‘m not talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and men wanting to sleep with men instead of women and so forth, I’m talking about men who just don’t have a desire for women or marriage. I’m talking about women who don’t have a desire for marriage or children. Jesus/Yeshua said they were born that way. “For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men, and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to accept this, let him accept it.” Matthew19 !:2 NASB. What he is saying here is there are some men who were born with no desire for women. There were eunuchs who were castrated for kings. That way the king did not have to worry about the men in his palace sleeping with his wife or concubines. Then he says, there are men like Paul who would rather be married to Yeshua/Jesus than a woman because they want to devote all their time to Him. Does this excuse the sexual act of sodomy and am I claiming its not a sin according to God’s Torah, no, because it is.

So when I read all of the posts over the legalization of marriage, I’m torn because I think about all of the pastors caught in adultery–all of the priest who have molested little children, and all of the sexual sins we have allowed into the church and into our homes and into our schools, and into our media. I am ashamed.
I also want to tell you that every person who’s ever come to me about homosexuality for advice has never been arrogant or pompous but humbly fearful. Each time I received the same message from the Lord Adonai for them. He said to tell them I love them– tell them you’re praying for them.

Not everyone is perverse and filled with hatred for Christians. Many of these are acting out over Us who are supposed to be holy, but we are pointing fingers at them with three pointing back at us.

We must repent and turn around… We must humble ourselves so the world will see Yeshua in us.



  1. Thank you. Needed that, not for encouragement but for wisdom and understanding. Praying for you guys as well. Blessings


    1. Thank you so much! It always means a lot to me and Jeff when you respond and also the encouragement. I just got out of the hospital and am pretty weak but I am still trying to work while its still light.
      Be blessed!


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