Perhaps you are a Christian who has trouble understanding His Feast and the articles you’ve read seem to be over your head. Maybe you have looked for Jesus in the passages about the Feast Day’s but were confused. This book is simple and yet prophetic. I wrote it for those who are not Hebrew/Greek scholars. I wrote it for those who are sitting in church every Sunday and saying, “I know there is more!”

Blow a Trumpet in Tekoa is a beautiful sound of the shofar awakening the Bride and preparing her for a returning King. The title comes straight from the book of Jeremiah. It was a war cry.
When the trumpet was blown the people knew it meant one of several things– war, danger, preparation, death, Shabbat or a High Holy Day. The sound said, “The High Holy Days are coming!” Then the people came together. That is what they were doing in the book of Acts in the upper room. Yes, they were coming together for a Feast they had been rehearsing for since the beginning of time– now it was actually happening.
The next sounding of the shofar blast will say, “The Bridegroom is Here!” Some will have extra oil and awaken, others will not be prepared.

Many of the prophetic teachings in this book are a long mournful cry for all of us to turn back to The Father and to heed his Commandments. Other topics are for healing, refreshing, and ultimately to draw one closer to HIM.
Have you ever wondered who the men were who arose from the grave after Jesus/Yeshua was crucified? Have you pondered tough passages like this one found in Revelations? “When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour” 8:1. The details hidden in them are as intricate as a peacock’s feathers and as fascinating as our very own DNA. Why would we expect less from the One who said in Leviticus that they were His Feast days? I pray the sound of the trumpet on the pages of this book awakens you to a new walk and understanding of the truth. I pray the beauty of the “Teki’ah”, a burst and long blast of triumph, joy, and gladness ignites your hearts. The sound of Teki’ah announced the coming KING and today we are closer than we have ever been to His arrival.


Tekoa Manning



  1. Hi Bonnie! I have in years past taught the significance for Believers of these Feasts of the Lord. Now, I’m eager to see what He has given you in this book, no doubt a big update from what I saw back then!

    Thank you for being faithful in your calling with your ready pen.

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    1. Thank you Charlie! I wish I would have had your piece to share in the book. This past Sabbath Survey titled “Blow a Trumpet” was right on point and convicting. My husband and I read it together for Sabbath and meditated on the message.
      We also enjoyed the sinking ship dream. Both were stirring us and reminding us how close we are to our Messiah coming!
      Thank you for your faithful friendship. It means the world to me.


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