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Lynette Marie Smith
Graphic Designer /Artist

Lynette Marie Smith is a graphic designer who started her career in print and publishing and has continued to evolve her skills into her current graphic design, digital marketing and publishing realms. As a creative budding artist since she was a small child, there was no question what she wanted to do when she grew up.

A graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Smith’s professional works can be found on her website. She has a wide array of experience from corporate identity and branding – to social media marketing and website design.

After several years in publishing and ad agency environments, she took some time off to raise her two daughters and has reemerged to carry on in the digital world where she wears many hats. In addition to design, she offers marketing strategy to small businesses who need help to jumpstart the image that Smith creates after much customer input.

After Abba Father made a way for our paths to cross we knew it was a divine appointment. We are fond of each other and a blessing in each others lives. Lynette has helped us to promote our mission and continue to communicate with our followers. And we look forward to continuing our working relationship and look forward to what is on the horizon.

If any of you are in need of some design work for book covers, logos, websites, or social media please contact Lynette Smith. She would love to assist you in your marketing efforts.

Sample Book Cover Design


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  1. jbstan7 says:

    um……wonderful bio of Lynette….but Elmer the Rich Man….due out when?????a near horizon? Pray that Lynette is likewise blessed to have you! May her business be a work that glorifies Yah…. 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tekoa says:

    Oh Missy! Don’t even try it. I’ve got to get out of Hell first. 😂🌶😂


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