Welcome to Obadiah’s Cave! Here is a little bit about my website and a tad more about my pen.
I started writing stories in my head when I was young. After writing a poem in 4th or 5th grade for a school assignment, my mother was called to the principal’s office where my teacher and the counselor informed her that I had plagiarized the poem. They said they felt sure it was Emily Dickinson. I remember my teacher’s eyes piercing through me and her saying, “Do you know how serious this is?” They had been feverishly looking for the poem by Emily to match mine but had not found it. I wish I could read that poem today, but sadly it was confiscated.
I had no idea who Emily Dickinson was–nor did I understand their accusations. All I knew was that the poem I had written caused me grief. I stopped writing. After being a wife and mother and later becoming a single mother of three sons, I found the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship at the age of thirty. I was a High School dropout and needed skills to raise these young men. I enrolled in college and received my G.E.D quickly.
During my first semester, my English 101 professor told me that I had a natural gift to write, and she encouraged me to enter a writing contest on campus. I was stunned when I found I had won the poetry prize for my work. This teacher continues to mentor and encourage me to this day.
In the mid-2000’s I became sick with what they believed to be Multiple Sclerosis. Too sick to work or finish my degree, I began to place my laptop on my chest in bed and write. During my years of sickness, I eventually lost everything that expressed who I was as a person. I lost my job, career, my health, my husband, my home, my possessions, a stepdaughter, and my pets but not necessarily in that particular order. It was a Job journey.
While homeless and suffering, I also went through a transformation spiritually. Abba used my sickness to show me His Body. When I went numb from the waist down, He said His Body was paralyzed –dead—dead men’s bones too weak to join together unified and stand. When I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders where the Body attacks itself—He said that’s what my Body does. When my stomach muscles refused to digest my food… He said my people are starving and have eaten toxic food from the table of Baal. My Torah truths need to flow through My Body with the Holy Ruach Spirit. He said His Body had mixed the Holy with the profane.
At one point my eyesight became dark for days and it was difficult to see. Again, His Body. At times my ears closed up and I could not hear. Shema Yisrael! I was led to Ezekiel and told to measure my food. I was exhausted and fatigued. I prayed to die but was not mature enough to realize that this was His plan all along. “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” Luke 14:27 NASB.
“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” John 12:24.
Although I had been studying the Word for decades, now I was intensely ripping and tearing it apart. I was eating it all day and into the night. Eventually, I was walking without a cane and was thrown into multiple types of ministry. I started out doing addiction recovery ministry and then deliverance ministry, prophetic/ prayer director, and at times I was preaching. I felt like I was in college again. Abba was uncovering each lie in plain sight and showing me a cut and paste theology filled with soundbites. It was snippets of information lacking the full meal. I started teaching my adult Sunday school class the Hebrew of the faith in 2010/2011. I uncovered Salvation from a Hebraic perspective, and the Mikvah in place of baptism, the Holy Ruach Spirit in place of the Holy Ghost. I began to walk the class through the area of the tabernacle with Hebraic glasses on. Shortly afterward, many attacks arose and I felt released from my position. I had already started writing a book called Doctrines of Demons around this same time line. This book also sat in my computer for years. A lady named Miriam called and prayed over me one day. She said that I had a message for the Body of Yeshua but that His Body wasn’t ready for it yet. A few years later I opened a blog site. I started writing short devotionals and blogs about passages that seem to pop out at me or just everyday life lessons to encourage.
As I continued to study deeper, I contacted some Messianic Rabbi’s and met with several and had lengthy discussions. I knew immediately in order to research further, I needed to start examining the Jewish sources. What I uncovered was astounding to me back then. Not many people were discussing it. Today you can find a Torah-observant congregation or blogger, teacher, network or live stream at the touch of your fingers. I was so excited when I uncovered the truth of my identity, I was simply elated! I thought now we will come together in unity, but what I found was at times just the opposite.
My husband, a former pastor, felt led to publish our books under the umbrella of an incorporation called It’s All About Him. All monies and gifts go back into the ministry where we support orphans, homeless, those in need and other Torah Observant ministers who have blessed us. We do not make a personal profit off of our books but do use a portion to further publish books and for research.
The books Abba has given me work in an order to help those coming out of Charismatic circles of Christianity and other denominations, including the Catholic Faith. Multiple topics are discussed to help the readers unlearn things that have crept in for decades by corrupt world leaders and well-meaning pastors and priest. The books also dig into deeper studies on angels, hell, hades, the two witnesses, ha-satan, demons, sickness, disease, and much more. My fiction works are for healing those who have been sexually assaulted, teen pregnancy, and unforgiveness.
If are interested in reading any of our books there is a contact button and a book button at the top of this website. All works are available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel online or you can directly contact us at Itsallabouthiminc@gmail.com

Blessings and Shalom!
Bonnie (Tekoa) Manning.