The Cost of a Garment

A Seasoned Coat

I had a dream last week right after Passover. In my dream, there were two men with their backs to me. They each had on a Jewish prayer shawl with the tzitzit or tassels that are specially knotted representing the 613 Torah commandments. This is the very shawl Jesus/Yeshua was wearing when the lady with the issue of blood crawled through the crowd and touched the hem of his garment. She touched the Word in more ways than one. This was a commandment from Deuteronomy and Numbers. Let’s look at that real quick before we go farther.
“The Lord said to Moses, “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘Throughout the generations to come you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel. You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes.” Leviticus 15:37-39 NIV.
The first man’s shawl in my dream was older, darker as in aged—seasoned, and I remember this man had his head bowed (humble). The man behind him was larger and dressed in a sparkling new prayer shawl. It was bright and white and unseasoned. I walked behind this man in my dream with the bright white one and yanked off his prayer shawl.
When I woke up I said, Father, what are you trying to tell me? A friend called that day and explained that this was an exposing of the men who wear the tallit but do not know what it represents. The coat has a deeper significance. Jesus/Yeshua said that if we love him we will keep his commandments. “For this is the love of God that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.” 1st John 5:3 NASB.
This seems simple enough but I never really knew the amount of grace I was under before my eyes were opened to many passages in my Bible.
A few days later I saw a man wearing this type of garment who is in leadership. He was preaching an Easter service on a Sunday morning. This man does a lot of good works for the poor, the homeless, and the addicts, but I wondered if he was aware that among those tassel threads hanging down is a thread that says, “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8 KJB. This was never changed to Sun-day. The words from Paul about “one man considers a day more sacred” has nothing to do with a day that is our wedding day– A day the Father blessed and set apart. A day our Father says is a sign to us. Why? Because that day of rest represents our rest forever in the Kingdom. It’s the millennial reign. Men who wear that type of shawl with those holy marriage vows hanging off keep the Sabbath. They obey those tassels—even after Yeshua’s death and resurrection they obeyed the commandments.


Malachi 3:6I the LORD do not change.”
Those who cloak their head in humbleness under that tent like shawl keep the Sabbath and the Feast. Our next Feast is written about in the book of Acts Chapter two. They were in one accord for a feast that was mandatory. They didn’t just decide to get together in unity in an upper room and wait for no reason. When Jesus/Yeshua told them to wait they knew what that meant. They were counting the omer.
“Even unto the day after the seventh sabbath shall you number fifty days; and you shall offer a new grain offering unto the LORD” Leviticus 23:16 KJV.
“Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts.” He said they were His Feast, not a Jewish Feast but even if they were a “Jewish” Feast weren’t we engrafted into a Hebraic faith before Constantine and others polluted it?
Wasn’t Paul and all the others in the New portion of the book still keeping all the Feast which were and are all about Jesus/Yeshua. Paul said, “Therefore let us keep the feast” 1st Corinthians 5:8 NASB.
Many times we wear things that are not congruent with who we are yet. I know many times in my past I wanted to own one of those shawls but I really did not know what that meant. I just thought it was “cool.” I wasn’t aware that the very Word of Yah—the Torah was wrapped in this garment. The dead are wrapped in it. It is often translated as wings in the King James and yes, even a tent. This is the shadow of His Wings because it is golden instructions to keep us holy and safe. Protection.
We often wear many things that misrepresent who we are.
One of the items we wear is “titles.”
Have you ever had an experience with someone you didn’t know personally that was unfavorable? A person who wears the same titles as you? Titles like Nurse—teacher—Pastor—Rabbi–Political titles and so forth. Yes, “those people.” Ever met someone on social media and had some dialogue that went Due South? Perhaps you had a fluctuating opinion over a passage of the Bible, an elected official, a political topic, or something else and then found out that the person you are conversing with is the author and producer of? The director and CEO of? Your mother-n-law’s cousin? Your Rabbi’s son? Your Pastors niece? Oh, yes this happened to me last week–not once, not twice,–well you get the picture.
After my second rebuttal with the first person, I went to their Facebook page and found out they were friends with someone I really admire and also they held an important title. I sort of thought hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have said what I said. Although I tried to be graceful in my words, my belief was clearly different on the matter due to my life experiences and passages I had studied. I heard the Father say, “Would you make a difference in my Word for a person of man’s esteem?
Do you treat people differently?”
And that’s when conviction set in. “No, I don’t think so Father but you know my heart.”
“The heart is crooked above all, and desperately sick – who shall know it?” Jeremiah 17:9 ISR.
If I would have known what title the person had would I have treated them differently? Have you ever been guilty of this? I think if we were honest we all would say yes. Do we treat people differently that we know our friends or family would not possibly approve of their views?
Paul walked into an area littered with men, in the midst of the Areopagus, these men were Greek scholars who put on airs at times. They stood conversing and ogling in his direction but he with great gusto said, “Men of Athens: I see how very religious you are in every way!  For as I was walking around, looking at your shrines, I even found an altar which had been inscribed, ‘To An Unknown God.’ So, the one whom you are already worshipping in ignorance-this is the one I proclaim to you.
“The God who made the universe and everything in it, and who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in man-made temples; nor is he served by human hands, as if he lacked something; since it is he himself who gives life and breath and everything to everyone.” Acts 17:22-25 CJB.
All of us are guilty of ignorance but once we are presented with truth we can do better.
Lately, I have started noticing how men and women interact in a large group. How people talk to leaders. How people ignore certain ones. We often dismiss others instead of digging in and looking at conflicting opinions with a heart that says, “Abba show me anything I am missing that you may have shown them?” We also refrain from correcting those who are in leadership. This same Paul had to correct Peter in front of many. That’s tough. He couldn’t just do it in private.  “But when Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he was clearly in the wrong.” Galatians 2:11 TLV.
We also often get hung up in the knowledge and miss the Spirit. Clothing the naked—feeding the poor—visiting the sick, the widow–those in prison and so forth. Jesus/Yeshua said “I never knew you,” to a group who had not done these deeds.
Broken people don’t care if we have our Feast calendar exactly right or pronounce the Name correctly. Half the people in the streets would not even know who Yahushua or Yahweh or even Yeshua is.
So in order for Abba to make His point clearer, this happened again and again, and I even watched it happen to my husband. I think his phone conversation may have influenced his clothing. Perhaps his level of nervousness was effected at meeting someone of importance. Only his situation was the opposite. Yes, they were important but not packaged as he was expecting.
I’m going to end with an example.
Once while working at a restaurant I watched a couple come into the lounge area. The man had on overhauls and his wife weighed about 90 pounds and was wearing his gigantic t-shirt and sweat pants. My co-workers took off to the back laughing saying, “Bonnie that’s all YOU!” I pleasantly greeted them and the man asked me if he could see our wine list. He then proceeded to order a bottle even I, an employee with a key could not fetch for them. I had to get the manager to unlock the case and climb up to a hidden spot. After getting their wine they said we just will be having some soup and salad and the wine. They drank the bottle and ate the small meal and then gave me a hundred dollar tip. From that night on, they always requested me as their server and shared much of their life with me. I was blessed. If you would have seen them on the street you might have wondered if they could afford to buy a soda pop. However, after my fellow co-workers found out the tip they had left me, now when this couple came in they tried to knock me down to get to them. Ah, the heart, who can know it? Yahweh searches the hearts. He goes to and fro throughout the earth. He knows you and me. He knows our hearts.
“My brothers, do not hold the belief of our Master יהושע Messiah, the Master of esteem, with partiality. For if there should come into your meeting a man with gold rings, in a splendid robe, and there should also come in a poor one dressed in rags, and you pay attention to the one wearing the splendid robe and say to him, “You sit here in a good place,” and say to the poor one, “You stand there,” or, “Sit here by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves, and become judges with wicked thoughts? Listen, my beloved brothers: Has Elohim not chosen the poor of this world, rich in belief and heirs of the reign which He promised to those who love Him? “James 2:1-4 ISR.
Two men in my dream wore SPLENDID ROBES, one was seasoned and one was new. Awe, Abba cleanse our garments and our hearts to be transparent and led by YOU no matter what it cost us for our life to look like that garment. “And it was given unto her that she should array herself in fine linen, bright and pure: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.” Revelation 19:8 KJV.


Rueben sandwich and Christianese Dressing

Sometimes I wonder about this new found faith that slapped me in the face a few years back. I wonder if I will ever fit in again. Although it’s exciting unraveling all the wrong doctrine and discovering the truth that was there all along, it can be lonely. My husband and I were both raised in the Christian faith in an assembly’s of God church. It was a large church and featured television and radio ministry as well as many outreaches and alms deeds. We are thankful for our time there, but once your eyes are opened and enlightened to the scriptures you can’t go back. I see more and more pastors, teachers, and members of Christendom coming out and starting blogs, home meetings, and gathering with whoever they can.
One of the most annoying things is how we were fed lies by well-meaning people, but those well-meaning people won’t even look at scripture with you. Of course, many of us used to be those people.
I tried to have a conversation with someone about a topic the other day and they honestly did not even look at what I said or the verses I was trying to show them. Instead, they just kept showing me verses that were not even complete thoughts or about the topic. Honestly, while I was lying in bed that night I said Father it’s as if a Chinese man was reading a recipe in an American cookbook for a Rueben sandwich. And this is really what has happened. Let me explain. Westernized mindsets and Greek thought equal polluted doctrines of Christenese.
One of my teachings was compared to a “well-known cult.”  What many don’t understand is that we created a man-made religion and named it Christianity and any off-shoot or denomination/non-denomination is just that “a cult.” I don’t want to upsets folks, but even the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 11 called us a wild olive, grafted in among them, becoming partakers with them of the rich root of the olive tree–not the other way around.
My intent is to explain truths that have been twisted. I know many good people who love the Lord Adonai who are being taught false doctrines. But can I share a Reuben with you? Yes, let’s start with our sandwich.
Take a man who is from the other side of the world and translate your recipe into his language. Ready? This is probably going to sound more like an Abbott and Costello skit.
Reuben, now that’s a nice name. Thousand Island or Russian dressing? I wonder where all those islands are located? Hey, Reuben likes corn and beef. Still following me? Now add some lingo from our culture and era. This sandwich is wicked good! It’s the bomb. Hmmm, is the sandwich a bomb? Wicked?
 I worked in restaurants for years and what most people don’t realize is restaurants have their own language. So did the Jewish people of Jesus/ Yeshua’s day. Let me explain.
When a restaurant runs out of a product whether it’s salmon or lettuce they tell the staff, “We are 86 Salmon.” So the number 86 means ZERO. When the restaurant gets busy and tables are full and Servers are running around like crazy, they have a name for it in the business, it’s called, “In the weeds.” If you just heard someone say, “I am in the weeds,” you, a foreigner, learning a new language would picture high tall grasses. 86 chickens would not register 0 chickens.
A dishwasher is referred to as a bubble dancer and “Campers” are people who stay at your table all night. Now let’s see where confusion can set in.   We have 86 wicked bubble dancers setting up tents in the weeds on a thousand islands, dressing like Russians with bombs named Reuben.
That may sound extreme but let me show you how it has affected you and your church doctrine. Take our King James Bible and the doctrine we take so seriously and a word such as “tent” that Paul was making. Let’s look at that verse.
“Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers just as he was.” Acts 18:3… This more than likely wasn’t camping equipment but a tallit (little-tent) that is a four-cornered prayer shawl spoken of in Numbers 15:38-39. “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them: They shall make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments… And this shall be tzitzit for you, and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of G-d, and perform them” (Numbers 15:38-39).
These garments had fringe tassels on the corners called tzitzit. Their strings and knots are a physical representation of the (Law) Torah’s 613 do’s and don’ts. Christians know all the blessings for keeping the “do’s” and are sure to quote, “I am blessed going in and blessed going out…The head and not the tail.” It works like this: Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a corresponding numerical value. The numerical values of the five letters that comprise the Hebrew word tzitzit add up to 600. Add the eight strings and five knots of each tassel, and the total is 613.
The Apostle Paul, years and years after Jesus-Yeshua had ascended was making prayer shawls with 613 Torah commandments and selling them. Why wasn’t he telling people not to wear the law around if they were now Christians and didn’t need to keep it? Don’t tell me because he was a Jew and it was a Jewish thing because that just is not true. “The same law applies both to the native-born and to the foreigner residing among you.” Exodus 12:49. “‘A foreigner residing among you is also to celebrate the LORD’s Passover in accordance with its rules and regulations. You must have the same regulations for both the foreigner and the native-born.'” Numbers 9:14.  And Yahweh said it was an everlasting commandment to keep not something He threw away or nailed to the cross. A covenant may get a new better layer added, but you don’t throw them away. The curse was nailed to the cross.
Now before you start telling me that I need to read Galatians and Romans and learn about the slave woman and the free woman, perhaps you may need to rethink what you think you know about 1,000 Islands of Russian dressed men living in the weeds. Perhaps you have missed something. A very popular saying in Jesus-Yeshua’s day was not “the devil is a lie” but Torah is the way, Torah is the truth and Torah is the light. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. When we read about five foolish virgins and five wise virgins, we learn that five ran out of oil. This oil was not speaking in tongues. Back then the mitzvah (commandments and precepts) were referred to as oil lamps. His word is a lamp to our feet and it lights up our path. That verse is from the old section of your Bible.
Five thousand men were born again after Peter preached his message. There was no New Testament then. No John 3:16, no letters from Paul, no wafers and welches grape juice, and no one told them to run to an altar and invite Jesus into their hearts. They were gathering for His Feast day. Shavuot.
Don’t get mad at me because I tell you the truth. The truth will set you free but first, as one woman once said, it will piss you off. Now running to an altar and asking Jesus-Yeshua to be ‘Lord’ of your life is not a bad thing, but it’s sort of like signing your name on a marriage contract.
Let me give you another example. Take Peter and a vision he had. It wasn’t about fat cows or skinny cows or a roll of bread going through the camp, it was about food and when the Father said, “Get up, Peter, Kill and eat.” It had been years since Jesus-Yeshua ascended up into heaven and yet Peter says, “Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.” Acts 10:13-14. This sheet had both clean and unclean animals on it. Why didn’t he get up and kill a chicken and eat it? Why did he say I have never eaten anything UNCLEAN. If he was no longer to keep the Torah (Law) he would not say this. It was about calling some men common or unclean, not the animals. It was about mixing the Goyim with the Jews. Why wasn’t he now a Sunday morning Christian going to get pork BBQ and fried shrimp? Because, again, the vision wasn’t about fat cows or skinny cows or clean and unclean animals, but about Gentiles coming into the covenant that wasn’t thrown away.
Why is there so much confusion in the body? This is the reason. We have this guy named Reuben who lives on a 1,000 islands and eats corn and beef and dresses like a Russian. Take a look at your Sunday morning portrait of Jesus-Yeshua wearing a red Roman robe and ask yourself where the hem of His (garment) tallit is? Where’s the tent the lady with the issue of blood grasped on to? You won’t find it.  Jesus/Yeshua warned us that there would be a people who call him “Lord” and yet He does not know them. He says these people are without the Law and that they have thrown it away and they work lawlessness.
“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’ Matthew 7:21-23.
 I’m just happy that blinders are falling off many people’s eyes in this hour. Many are getting new glasses which really aren’t new at all but spectacles from before Constantine and others corrupted the text and the message.
In closing, I would like to also point out I know many great Christian people who love The Lord Adonai with all their hearts and they feel His presence and worship Him, but Yeshua said The Father seeks those who worship in Spirit and Truth. WE need both. We need unity. We don’t need itching ear words or prosperity teachers stealing from the widows, orphans, ad poor. My heart breaks. I need to  unlearn more and more lies. I invite you now onn this journey with me. Won’t you come?
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